Save Money Shopping on LED Grow Lights

Save Money Shopping on LED Grow Lights

Doubtlessly, LED grow lights are some of the most innovative and useful inventions to grace contemporary life. The fact that they produce much light with reduced electricity is nothing short of a wonder. What makes them ideal for grow tents is that they do not produce that much heat meaning less worry about plants getting burnt.

But what really seizes the attention of many is the associated low cost and optimal plant yields you get from them. This actually translates to a high margin – the happiness of every grower and you can learn more by clicking here.

The initial investment may be significant, but it is always well worth it as you will recoup it within the following two or three harvests – so nothing much lost here.

But that does mean that you have to spend significantly to get the best LED grow lights for your plants. The following are some pointers on how you will save money shopping for LEDs

  1. The Light Spectrum

To get the most out of LEDs and make savings in the process, you’ll need to choose the varieties that produce a full spectrum of light. Ideally, plants grow depending on the spectrum of light they get whether indoors or outdoors.

  • If you are after lights that will enhance growth or the vegetative stage, then you are better off with blue lights. What happens is that these lights simulate sunshine in summer and the plants translate this as the perfect time to take in as much sun as possible.

However, blue light is not always the best to use throughout the life of the plant. If you do so, you will end up with dwarf plants with large leaves.

  • The red lights are perfect when it comes to enhancing the flowering the stage. These lights stimulate the plants making them taller and flower. This light mimics then sun during fall where the plants translate it as a sign of the upcoming winter – they need to grow tall to survive it. The red light will help you make savings if you buy at the right growth stage moment.
  1. The Amount of Light

The amount of light LEDs produce is of critical importance. And how do you get a bulb with the right quality light? Ideally, go for the 3W bulbs as they will have the light amount of light and will be gentle on the plant – it will not scorch them. And remember that buying more panels helps enhance light dissemination over the grow space. But how will that help you save money?

The more efficient the lights, the better the yields and the less the time to recoup the initial investment – it’s a simple equation.

  1. Low Heat Emission

Look for a light that boasts low heat emission. You don’t have to worry about this as it indicates that the lights will not burn your plants. The good thing about low heat emitters is that you can comfortably place them close to the plant to get more light without running the risk of discoloration or burning.


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