Rich Apple Butter

4 lb Cooking apples 2 c Cider 3 c Granulated sugar 2 ts Ground cinnamon 1 ts Ground cloves 1/8 ts Ground allspice Servings: 10 Stem and quarter apples; do not peel. Cook apples and cider, covered, in crockpot on … Continued


It’s no wonder that saffron — the yellow−orange stigmas from a small purple crocus (Crocus sativus )— is the world’s most expensive spice. Each flower provides only three stigmas, which must be carefully hand−picked and then dried — an extremely … Continued

Apple-Grape Or Pineapple Concentrate Sweetener

APPLE-GRAPE SWEETENER: 12 oz Can frozen apple juice Concentrate, defrosted 12 oz Can frozen grape juice Concentrate, defrosted PINEAPPLE SWEETENER: 12 oz Can frozen pineapple juice Concentrate, defrosted 1. For the apple-grape sweetener: In a large saucepan, combine the apple … Continued

Garam Masala 1

1 tb Plus 1 tsp cardamom seeds 2 Inch cinnamon sticks, -crushed 2 ts Whole cloves 1 tb Plus 1 tsp black peppercorns 3 tb Cumin seeds 3 tb Coriander seeds Put all spices in a heavy skillet and dry … Continued

Mum’S Green Tomato Chutney

3 lb Green tomatoes 1 1/4 lb Red apples 3 md Sweet red peppers 4 md Onions 1 1/2 tb Salt 1 1/2 ts Pepper 1 1/2 ts Ground cinnamon 3/4 ts Ground cloves 2 1/2 c Sugar 2 c … Continued

Strawberry And Apple Jam

500 g Strawberries 3 lg Green apples 1/4 c Lemon juice 2 c Water 1 kg Sugar, warmed Wash, hull & half the strawberries. Peel, core & quarter the apples. Ten cut quarters into thin slices. Put all the ingredients, … Continued

Blackberry Jam

3 cup blackberries 2 cup water 1 pk fruit pectin, powdered 5 cup sugar Crush fruit thoroughly. Add water and fruit pectin. Stir until pectin is dissolved. Heat to boiling. Boil 5-10 minutes. Add sugar. Stir until dissolved. Boil 3-5 … Continued

Green Curry Paste *

10 Green Jalapeno Peppers 5 Green Thai Chili Peppers 1/2 c Sliced Cilantro/Coriander -Root Or Stems 8 Cloves Garlic 1/4 c Chopped Shallots Or: -Purple Onions 1/4 c Chopped Lemon Grass Or: 1 tb Dried Lemon Grass 5 Thin Slices … Continued

Orange Marmalade

4 md Sized (or 3 large) unpeeled -oranges, halved And sliced thin 4 Unpeeled lemons, sliced thin From: Arizona Cookbook granulated sugar Measure oranges and lemons together. Add 5 times as much cold water. During next 24 hours, boil hard … Continued

Very Berry Salsa

1 pt Blueberries 1 pt Strawberries 1/4 c Sugar 3 T Minced Sweet Onion 1 T Blueberry Or Raspberry -Vinegar Or Lemon Juice 1 t Freshly Ground Black Pepper Hot Pepper Sauce; To Taste 1/4 c Sliced Or Slivered Almonds; … Continued

Cherry Preserves

2 pound cherries, pitted 2 pound sugar Combine cherries and sugar. Heat slowly to boiling. Stir frequently. Boil 8 minutes. Let stand overnight. Pack without heating into sterilized jars.

Indian Tamarind Chutney

2 ml Tamarind cake 3/4 c Boiling water 1/3 c Raisins 1 tb Sugar 1 ts Roasted, ground cumin seeds 1 ts Lemon juice 1/4 To 1/2 teaspoon powdered -hot red chile pepper or -cayenne Salt to taste Combine tamarind … Continued

Pickled African Peaches

4 lb Slightly under ripe peaches 3 c Sliced onions 1/3 c Olive oil 1 tb Turmeric 1 tb Ground cumin 2 ts Minced garlic 1 ts Minced ginger 1 ts Dried red pepper 1/2 ts Pepper 1/2 ts Ground … Continued

Herbes De Provence

3 tb Dried marjoram 3 tb Dried thyme 1 tb Dried summer savory 1 tb Dried sweet basil 1/2 ts Dried rosemary, crumbled 1/2 ts Crushed sage 1/2 ts Fennel seeds Combine herbs, mixing well. Pack into an airtight jar … Continued

Cranberry Honey Mustard

3/4 cup yellow mustard seeds 1 1/2 cup cider vinegar 1 1/4 cup dried cranberries 3 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon salt As the dried cranberries soak with the mustard and vinegar, their bright red color leaches out into the vinegar. … Continued

Kiwi Daiquiri Jam

5 Kiwifruit, peeled 3 c Sugar 2/3 c Unsweetened pineapple juice 1/3 c Fresh lime juice 1 Pouch 85ml/3oz liquid pectin Green food colour, optional 4 tb Rum (or sub. fruit juice?) Fill boiling water canner with water. Place 4 … Continued

Prune Conserve I

3 lb Prunes 5 md Apples 2 c Chopped nuts 5 Oranges, peeled and diced 3 Quinces 4 c Diced watermelon rind 1 c Raisins Sugar Wash prunes. Cover with water. Simmer until tender. Cool. Remove pits. Combine prune pulp, … Continued

Curry Powder

Widely used in Indian cooking, authentic Indian curry powder is freshly ground each day and can vary dramatically depending on the region and the cook. Curry powder is actually a pulverized blend of up to 20 spices, herbs and seeds. … Continued

Dipping Sauces For Squid (4)

————–TAMARIND-RAISIN CHUTNEY————– 1 c Currants or raisins 4 To 6 ts tamarind -concentrate (available at -gourmet stores, Indian And Middle Eastern -groceries) 1 tb Ginger, minced 1 ts Fresh green chile pepper, -minced, or substitute -cayenne ——LEMON-GARLIC BUTTER—— Juice of … Continued

Ripe Cucumber Catsup

1 Red pepper, chopped 2 c Sugar 1 ts Cinnamon 1 c Chopped onion 4 c Vinegar 1 ts Salt 1 ts Cloves 1/8 ts Pepper Ripe cucumbers Pare sufficient ripe cucumbers to make 2 quarts after seeds and soft … Continued


This native Mediterranean herb has been enjoyed for centuries for both its culinary and medicinal uses. The name comes from a derivative of the Latin salvus , meaning “safe,” a reference to the herb’s believed healing powers. The narrow, oval, … Continued

Apricot Chutney With Raisins And Currants

1 lb Dried apricots 10 lg Garlic cloves – peeled & coarsely chopped 1 1×3″ piece of fresh ginger – peeled & coarsely chopped 1 1/4 c Red wine vinegar 2 c Sugar 1/4 ts Salt 1/8 ts Cayenne pepper … Continued

Garam Masala 4

2 1/2 c Coriander Seeds 1 c Cumin Seeds 1/4 lb Large Cardamoms 1/2 c Cinnamon 2/3 c Cloves 1 c Peppercorns 1 ts Grated Nutmeg Roast the coriander and cumin seeds, separately, in a warm oven or under a … Continued

Mustard Fruit Chutney

1 tb Water 2 ts Mustard powder 1/2 c Sugar 1/2 c Cider vinegar 2 Pears,peeled,cored,diced 1 Mango,peeled,seeded,diced 1/3 c Raisins,dark seedless 1 Onion,small,finely chopped 1 Garlic clove,finely chopped 1/2 ts Ginger,ground 1/4 ts Red pepper flakes,crushed 1/4 ts Salt … Continued

Strawberry Conserve

500 g Strawberries 1 1/2 c Sugar Wash & drain fruit, then remove stalks. Cover friuit with 1/2 cup of sugar & stand overnight. Strain liquid from strawberries. Place in pot, add remaining sugar & stir over low heat for … Continued

Blueberry Ketchup

2 T Vegetable Oil 1 lg Garlic Clove; Crushed 1 T Mince Fresh Ginger 1 md Onion; Finely Chopped 2 pt Blueberries 1 c Fresh Tomato; Peeled, Seeded -And Chopped 2 lg Purple Plums, Pitted And -Chopped 1/4 c Dark … Continued

Green Mango Dip – Nam Prik Ma-Muang *

8 oz Shredded Green Mango 6 Cloves Garlic, Minced 2 tb Shrimp Paste 1/4 c Fish Sauce (Nam Pla) 2 tb Lime Juice 2 tb Sugar A good dip with seafood and fish, fresh vegetables, and boiled eggs. —– Place … Continued

Panang Curry Paste

6 ea Dried red chili peppers 1/4 ts Fennel seeds 1 ts Coriander seeds 1/4 ts Mace 1 ea Lemon grass stalk -=OR=- 1 ts Lemon grass, dried 1 ts Lemon zest 1 ts Galanga, fresh* 3 md Shallots, peeled … Continued

Vietnamese Chili Sauce (Dip)

2 Dried red chilies 2 Cloves garlic 1/2 ts Sugar 2 tb Fish sauce 1 tb Vinegar 1 tb Lemon juice Mince chilies and garlic finely and place in a mortar. Mash with the heel of a cleaver or pestle. … Continued

Chile-Fried Squid (Sambal Cumi-Cumi)

1/2 lb Squid 1/2 c Diced onion 2 Cloves garlic, minced 3 Or 4 semi-hot fresh red -chiles, minced, or 1 -teaspoon sambal ulek 1/2 ts Kosher salt 2 tb Oil 1 ts Paprika, if needed 2 tb Tamarind Water … Continued

Jeffrey’S Rasta Redfish Marinade

2 oz Tamarind (dried) 1/2 c Water, boiling 4 lb Mangos, unripe 2 c Malt vinegar 1 c Sugar 1/2 c Raisins 1/2 c Ginger root, chopped 1 ts Garlic, chopped 1 ts Fresh hot chilies, -chopped 1/2 ts Allspice, … Continued

Pickled Artichokes

2 c Fresh lemon juice 4 c Water 36 To 40 medium artichokes 3 Lemons, halved 4 c Distilled white vinegar 1/2 ts Salt 2 Garlic cloves 4 Bay leaves 1/2 ts Dried basil 1 ts Dried oregano 2 To … Continued

Poached Cod In Saffron Broth

——POACHING LIQUID—— 2 c Chicken broth; low sodium 1 c Tomato juice 1 md Onion; quartered 2 md Celery ribs; cut into 2″ . pieces 1 md Carrot; cut into 2″ pieces 1 bn Parsley 1/4 c Tomato paste; low … Continued

Cranbery-Jalapeno Sauce

12 oz Cranberries (1 bag) 3/4 c Lt brown sugar; firmly packd 1 tb ORTEGA diced Jalapenos -OR- -1 (4-oz.) can ORTEGA diced -green chiles 1/3 c Cider vinegar 1/4 c Chopped cilantro or parlsey In heavy saucepan, over medium … Continued

Kiwi Lime Marmalade

4 Kiwis; peeled and trimmed Zest of 1 lime, slivered 3/4 c Sugar 2 tb Fresh lime juice 1. Quarter the kiwis lengthwise, and then cut them crosswise into 1/2-inch cubes. 2. Combine the kiwis with all the remaining ingredients … Continued

Prune Conserve 2

1 lb Prunes 1/4 lb Chopped nuts 1 Orange 1 c Sugar Wash prunes. Cover with water. Simmer until tender. Cool. Remove pits. Cut prunes in halves. Extract juice from orange. Remove white membrane from orange peel. Chop peel. Combine … Continued


Dill is not only a pretty foliage plant; it’s fragrance is a “comfort smell” for many people. I barely touch it’s feathery leaves and the smell of homemade dill pickles, crisp and savory, rubs off on my hands. At the … Continued

Eggplant Kimchi (Kaji Kimchi)

———VEGETABLE——— 10 sm Oriental Eggplant ———SALT WATER——— 3/4 c Water 1 tb Salt ———MIXTURE A——— 1 ts Garlic; minced 1/2 ts Ginger; fresh, minced 3 tb Green Onion; minced 1 tb Kimchi Pepper; flakes 1 tb Juice of salted shrimp … Continued

Meat Marinade

1 1/2 cup oil 3/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup wostershire sauce 2 tablespoon dry mustard 2 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 teaspoon parsley 1 tablespoon pepper 1/2 cup wine vinegar 1 each garlic clove, crushed 1/3 cup lemon juice … Continued

Ripe Grape Jam

4 1/2 c Prepared fruit 1/2 c Water 7 c Sugar 1/2 Bottle fruit pectin Use only fully ripened grapes. Separate skins and pulp. Simmer pulp 5 minutes. Remove seeds by sieving. Crush skins. Add pulp. Add water and stir … Continued


Narrow, pointed,dark green leaves distinguish this perennial aromatic herb known for its distinctive anise like flavor. Tarragon is widely used in classic French cooking for a variety of dishes including chicken, fish and vegetables, as well as many sauces, the … Continued

Apricot Ginger Conserve

3 c Dried apricots 3/4 c Sliced, candied ginger 1/2 c Orange juice 1/4 c Lemon juice 5 c Cold water 2 ts Grated orange rind 1 ts Grated lemon rind 2 1/4 c Sugar 1/2 c Chopped nuts Wash … Continued

Garam Masala 6

4 oz Coriander Seeds 5 Bay Leaves 4 oz White Cumin Seeds 1 oz Cardamoms 1 oz Cloves 2″ Stick Cinnamon 2 oz Ground Chili (Not “Chili -Powder”!!) 2 oz Black Pepper 1 ts Freshly Grated Nutmeg Toast the Coriander, … Continued

Nectarine-Orange Marmalade

3 lb Of nectarines 3 Medium-size oranges 4 1/2 c Of sugar (2 1/4 pounds) Makes about 4 half-pints. Wash, blanch, peel and pit nectarines; wash the oranges. Remove the peel from 1 1/2 of the oranges and discard it. … Continued

Strawberry Gooseberry Jam

2 qt Stemmed gooseberries 2 qt Hulled strawberries 4 qt Sugar Wash fruits carefully. Drain. Add sugar. Heat slowly to boiling. Simmer slowly, stirring frequently, until thick. Mrs. Emma Garibaldi, Mendocino, CA.

Blueberry Or Huckleberry Jam

4 1/2 c Berries 1 Bottle fruit pectin 7 c Sugar 1 Lemon Wash fruit thoroughly. Crush. Add lemon juice. Add grated rind of 1/2 lemon. Add sugar. Mix thoroughly. Heat rapidly to full rolling boil. Stir constantly before and … Continued

Green Tomato Catsup

1 ea Bushel green tomatoes 1 ea Head cabbage 24 ea Apples 12 ea Sweet peppers 8 md Onions 12 ea Hot peppers, to taste 1 ga Vinegar Pickling spices 4 lb Sugar (approximately) Salt to taste Grind the vegetables … Continued

Papaya Cucumber Salsa

2 cup cucumber, english, unpeeled, finely diced 2 cup papaya, or mango, peeled, diced 2 tablespoon dill, fresh, chopped 2 tablespoon vinegar, white wine, or lime juice 1 pepper, to taste In bowl, combine cucumber, papaya, dill and vinegar. Season … Continued

Volcanic Hot Sauce

1 10-12 scotch bonnets or habanero, serrano, jalapeno 6 each garlic cloves, chopped 1/3 cup lime juice, fresh 1/3 cup distilled white vinegar 2 tablespoon dijon style mustard 2 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon molasses 1/2 teaspoon turmeric 1 salt, … Continued